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Brand: Contin Also known as • Efka • FK

Serial Number Table Last Edited: 05/26/16 10:35
NOTE: dates shown are JAN 1 unless noted, so the serial number shown is the *first* serial number produced the given year. Exceptions are serial numbers preceded by "up to"(where you can assume that the numbers reported in that subsection are DECEMBER 31, END OF YEAR NUMBERS) or rows where a month is given in the month column. If the serial number is shown as a range (xxxx-xxxx) it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year.

Contin       Etablissements Continsouza of Paris, France.  
Models and s/n Y M D Remarks Ref.
Standard Manual          
up to 2500 1922     Produced in France, very similar to Ideal Model "C", the same factory sold Remington portable tyewriters as "Contin" later on, sold in Poland under "F.K." 7,13
5000 1923       7,13
8500 1924       7,13
12500 1925       7,13
16000 1926       7,13
116000 to 120000 1927     new serials 7,13
up to 130000 1928       7,13
130000 to 133000 1929       7,13
up to 150000 1930       7,13
F.K. (Polish)       F.K. (Fabryka Karabynów)  
Model C28 starting 1932     Contin patent 13
Model C38 starting 1933     Contin patent 13
Model C48 starting 1934     Contin patent 13
Model D starting 1937     Produced with Polish patents 13
        Production stopped during WW2 13
Contin Portable          
  1933     started 1933 7,13
F.K. Mala       "Mala" = small  
  starting 1938     Portable produced in Poland with patents of Paillard S.A., Suisse, looks like a Hermes Baby, production stopped during WW2 13
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