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1947 Underwood Universal

Serial #F1715077

Bought with original case for 20 euro.
Paint is actually pretty ok for its age, but the original brand and model markings are extremely faded or non existent.

Just needed a new ribbon, a small spring for the carriage return lever scrounged from a laptop dvd drive and small dusting.

Writes great!

Owned By: Francisco Parada

Username: Francisco
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 408
Galleries: 18
Collection: 14
Sightings: 4

Lisbon, Portugal

1947 Underwood Universal Photo Gallery

Touch Tuning lever

Upper left key once read "Retrocesso" ("Backspace").

I managed to crack the sheet rest while placing a new spring on the carriage return lever pawl. Did not notice it is made of bakelite.

Another serial number?

Spool winding mechanism

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