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1960 Remington Travel-Riter

Serial #T R 113064

Got it with the carriage detached and have not yet got around to finding or making parts to get it operational again... Seems only to need knowledge of how to remount the carriage.

No tabs, no ribbon color selector. This is just for traveling and writing, I guess. Like it says.

Edit: It cleaned up pretty well and I got the carriage remounted using bicycle ball bearings from about the same era as the typewriter.

Owned By: Michael Hoehne

Username: mhoehne
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While I find all of mankind's inventions interesting, I am most enchanted by the human-scale arts and devices, the ones that can be created (and repaired) in a home workshop or studio; the ones that can be understood by looking at them; the ones that do something useful or stir admiration. Typewriters work for me.

1960 Remington Travel-Riter Type Sample


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