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1955 Remington Quiet-Riter

Serial #QR2819249

indoor lighting - a little fuzzy because of the slow shutter speed

I bought this in 1986 from a second hand store. I think I paid about $50 for it. (I also traded-in my Sears Forecast 12 manual typer. I took this Remington QR to Turkey for a year while I was in the Air Force. The carry case got crunched sometime during the shipping back to the states. But the case did its job and the typer was unharmed.
I didn't use it for quite awhile. I thought the feel of it was really stiff. Then, about a year ago, I decided to oil up the typebars.
Now that I've been using it for awhile the action has loosened up considerably. It's got a good feeling key action now. And it is certainly quiet, and the print quality is excellent. It uses a pica sized font, has a segment shift, full tab sets, ribbon selector. Biggest annoyance is that there is only 4 spaces after the bell dings until you hit the margin stop. That's annoying!
This is full-featured and heavy enough to feel like a stable desk-like machine when using it.
This one must be the "french gray" color mentioned in the s/n lists.

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The pounding typebar, having writ, moves on... unless there's a ding.

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It looks even lighter colored in outdoor lighting.

indoor lighting - a little fuzzy because of the slow shutter speed

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