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1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #A-1847811

1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Got this from my local Craigsllist. I bought it from the son of the original owner, so I was able to get all the history. The woman who owned it was involved with several activist organizations and used this machine to type up copy for pamphlets and such. It has been used a lot, and some of the gold is worn off. I will clean it up nicely and take better pictures. It types perfectly and I love the feel. The slugs need to be cleaned for sure.

Also, this is a special order version with the owner's initials on the paper table. She received this as a retirement present from the company she worked for for many years. Kind of a gold watch, I guess.

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I am a musician living in Los Angeles. I got into typewriters because I love the way typing feels. Here in L.A. it is hard to find typewriters that are reasonably priced, but I occasionally manage to stumble across them.

1949 Royal Quiet De Luxe Type Sample

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