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197x Remington Premier

Serial #H2003-d

This Dutch-made Remington is a contender for Chintziest Typewriter Ever, in the running with the late British-made Smith-Corona Corsairs and some of the East Asian machines. A brittle plastic tray and ribbon cover sandwich a very simple mechanism made with low-quality materials. Most of the typebars on this machine were sticking, because they are so weak that they easily get bent to the side.

No bicolor ribbon mechanism, no tab, nothing fancy on this typewriter. When in good shape, though, it does print neatly (better than 21st century Chinese machines).

The carriage hangs down from raised hinges, so that when you shift, you are making it swing forward a bit. This is a very easy motion and a good mechanical idea.

The serial number looks odd but it is the only number I could find stamped into the machine. (Behind the carriage, most easily visible when you remove the typewriter from its base.)

I don't know the date of this machine, but am guessing late '60s or early '70s.

Sighted By: Richard Polt

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