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1939 Remington Portable 5

Serial #CB21161

A 'Made in Canada' Remington Portable "Self Starter" typewriter, Model #5.

Excellent condition and very clean - I really like this one. No sticking keys and all components work.

Due to stamped seal, I'n presuming that this unit was being made or or distributed by 'British Empire Products'.

Carrying case is in fair shape - handle intact and locks work. It also has levers on each side on the typewriter that allow easy removal of the unit from the base of case.

EDIT: The forum designates this model (re: serial #) as a "Streamlined" model, made 1939-1940.

Owned By: Greg Melanson

Username: Acadian
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I'm a collector of various types of antique/vintage items (toys, farm tools, old bottles, war memorabilia, coins, stamps, etc.).

I came across 3 antique Remington portable typewriters several years back and am hoping to be able to identify their Model # and Date of manufacture, if possible.

I am planning on selling them but not without a bit more knowledge about them :)

I'm from Ontario, Canada.

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