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1940 Remington Portable 5

Serial #V977517

1940 Remington Portable 5

This machine is similar mechanically to the earlier, boxier Remington 5 but has a streamlined art deco body. It doesn't have a tabulator but has a red self starter key that indents by five spaces. This particular model features a number of keys for accents. Unlike most machines in which accent keys are "dead" -- i.e., the carriage doesn't move when the accent key is pressed -- on this Remington, the type slugs are angled so that the accent is properly placed while the carriatge moves like it does for all the other keys. Made in the next-to-last year of production of this model. Made in U.S.A.

Owned By: Mark Rosenzweig

Username: MarkR
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I have collected typewriters since the early 1970s. My first collectible machine was a Mignon, but I also had everyday typers then, first a Voss ST-24 and an Olivetti Praxis 48, and then a Hermes 3000 and a Hermes 10. Over the last decade or so, I've turned my focus from early machines (Lambert, Blickensderfer, Hammond, Smith-Premier, etc.) to portables.

Besides typewriters, I also am avid about Studebakers, and have had a 1964 Studebaker GT Hawk since 1979.

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