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1922 Underwood Portable 3 Bank

Serial #37245

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Found this in a shop that sells trinkets and some old stuff, mainly as display pieces (as an example, my girlfriend got me a Gillette razor from them in the original box with blue blades, and I use it, albeit with modern blades).

I couldn't pass it up at the price, on sale for $28. It needs a LOT of cleaning and has no case, but at that price, how can you pass it up?

I think you all understand that mentality.

It'll be a project for my first real deep cleaning.

Owned By: rock harris

Username: numberseven
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I am a typewriter collector. I'm moving into a new phase; one where I am filling gaps and paying what's necessary to get what I want....

I know I take crappy photos. I just have an older iPhone and am impatient. When I get a real camera (or borrow one), I'll upload better ones.

The ironic thing is that I am a pretty good amateur photographer. My excuse is that I work in film almost exclusively....

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