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1930 Remington Portable 3

Serial #V 302315

I believe this is a 3 but would like confirmation, so any insight would be helpful. This is one of the machines that were thick on the ground for $5-10 at Goodwill when I started collecting in the 90s. It's a little sticky, but it works and is beautiful and all parts are accounted for. It has my favorite case, angular and slim.

Owned By: Melissa Favara

Username: melissafavara
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 439
Galleries: 27
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I started collecting typewriters in 1996 when my employer at an old newsstand in Kalamazoo, MI gave me her mother's Underwood Elliot Fisher Noiseless; I love these machines and learning how to repair and maintain them. The Noiseless was the medium for a zine I wrote through the nineties and into the oughts, and my nine-year-old daughter now types regularly.

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