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1924 Remington Portable 1

Serial #NM40375

Drawcord after I moved back into it's correct position.

Old Remington portable typewriter that was 'Made at Toronto, Canada' stamped in gold lettering just behind the upper keys.

The keys are glass but are not currently operating to activate the hammers (which all worked when I first obtained the unit): I'm not sure if there's a key lock on this model that I may have pressed when cleaning it?

The original case is has seen better days, but will still close and lock (I have the original key as well).

EDIT: I dug deeper on the forum and from the Serial #'s database determined that this model is a 1924 that was made in Feb.

Owned By: Greg Melanson

Username: Acadian
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I'm a collector of various types of antique/vintage items (toys, farm tools, old bottles, war memorabilia, coins, stamps, etc.).

I came across 3 antique Remington portable typewriters several years back and am hoping to be able to identify their Model # and Date of manufacture, if possible.

I am planning on selling them but not without a bit more knowledge about them :)

I'm from Ontario, Canada.

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Drawcord after I moved back into it's correct position.

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