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1922 Remington Portable

Serial #NK 21911

Antique store find, pretty good condition except for a bend in the vibrator which causes the ribbon to hang and bunch up when typing lower case, but not upper case, characters. And the backspace doesn’t.

This is an early Remington Portable, which does not have the protective claws at the ends of the type basket. Made in April, 1921, says the database.

Owned By: Michael Hoehne

Username: mhoehne
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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While I find all of mankind's inventions interesting, I am most enchanted by the human-scale arts and devices, the ones that can be created (and repaired) in a home workshop or studio; the ones that can be understood by looking at them; the ones that do something useful or stir admiration. Typewriters work for me.

1922 Remington Portable Type Sample


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