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1954 Smith Corona Silent

Serial #5S 484004

Works fine as far as I can tell; I purchased it from someone on Facebook Marketplace in St. Peter's, Missouri for $25. Only the comma key seems to stick, and only once in a while. I'll be cleaning the typebars in another typewriter soon so I'll probably try to clean this one up too just to make sure it's clean. I'm liking it though.

Owned By: David Small

Username: zaxpower
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 179
Galleries: 7
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I've been interested in typewriters for some time, but I only recently obtained my first one, an electric, and in short order obtained several more manuals, and only one of the manuals worked when I obtained it.
I travel and am kind of a nomad so I like looking for typewriters, and would like to learn more about fixing and maintaining them.

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