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1966 Olympia SM8

Serial #3169227

Big improvement over the SM7. This typewriter is a very nice typewriter to use. Fast, snappy, and smooth.

I bought this one to see if it typed any better than the SM7 or SM9 models I've used and those I have. It is every bit as good as my SM4 and nearly as good as my Smith-Corona and Underwood typewriters. The touch on this one reminds me of my Royal machines more than anything. I find I cannot type fast on an SM7 or SM9. This SM8 does not limit my speed one bit.

Quality and manufacturing-wise I find it to be every bit as good as any other Olympia. The only difference I find with this one is it types better and does not have buttons or keys for the tabulator. Tab stops are set my sliding stops on the rear carriage rail.

Owned By: Bill MacLane

Username: BillM
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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Among many interests I like typewriters.
I presently have over 60 in my collection. I am slowly getting them photographed and uploaded to this site.

1966 Olympia SM8 Type Sample


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