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1947 Remington Noiseless Seven

Serial #H115629

At home on my desk.

In beautiful shape. Purchased on eBay; everything works. Two quirks: typed capital letters are slightly lower; and, every once in a while, if hit a certain way, the A key gives an extra space after it's typed. Other than that, it's almost flawless.

From The Classic Typewriter Page:
"The Model Seven, the big brother of the Noiseless Portable, has a full-sized paper table, a tabulator, black plastic keytops, and a carriage return lever that is long and horizontal rather than short and vertical. My first typewriter was one of these, and I still enjoy using it. Its original price was $105, reduced to $72 by 1935. The price in 1940 was $70.75 cash or $75.75 in installments. Triple line spacing was introduced with H25728 (July 1933). Some earlier specimens have bigger feet than later ones, so they stand about 1 cm taller. Early machines also differ from later ones in some other small ways: for instance, the early machines have smaller, more rounded spacebars, and a simpler scale/cardholder in front of the platen. They may also come in cases that include a leather strap to hold the typewriter in place. There are at least two decal schemes: the one shown above, with "Remington 7 Noiseless" on the paper table, and another scheme with "Remington Noiseless" on the paper table and "Model Seven" on the front of the machine... Name variants: Monarch, Monarch 71, Smith Premier 71. The Seven was revived after the war (1945-49), with wrinkle paint and other small stylistic changes; the postwar serial numbers, H64000-H193575, are not included in the total made as listed above."

"The speedy, quiet semi-portable. Billed as a desktop typewriter, this is really somewhat of a hybrid model: it's light enough to move around yet heavy enough for office requirements at 19 pounds, 3 ounces in its case. This was a very popular model for professionals and serious writers, valued for its Noiseless feature and speed mechanism. This model can accommodate paper up to 9.5 inches wide, with a writing line of 8.2 inches. The later models appeared in Charcoal matte finish and were equipped with improved plastic key tops instead of glass key tops with metal rings."

Owned By: Kane Gruber

Username: grubi
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I'm an enthusiast, but I am not dogmatic about typewriters. I still love the Internet and my iPad. But plenty of car owners still love and ride their bicycles.

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At home on my desk.

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