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191x Hammond Multiplex

Serial #190802

The Hammond has a very peculiar mechanism. Perhaps the best way to describe the way it puts the characters on the paper, would be comparing it to the cartoon character Woody Woodpecker. There's a small hammer in the back of the carriage. Every time you press a key, the internal mechanism makes the print wheel rotate to the proper position, and then the hammer strikes the paper from behind, pressing it against the ribbon.

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A techie turned translator and a confessed luddite. I was the first student in my class to use a personal computer back in the 1980s, and today I'm the last known typist in my community.

191x Hammond Multiplex Photo Gallery

The Hammond Multiplex frontispiece

General view of keyboard.

The interchangeable printwheel mechanism.

View from behind: the escapement spring and gears

Side view: vertical ribbon shaft, CAPS and FIGS lock linkages, and carriage rails

The margin stops

Close-up to the cast-aluminium frame and carriage rails

The ribbon advance control knob is located under the machine, to the left.

Right-side view of the carriage, showing the backspace linkage.

Close-up to the sticker on the wooden cover.

The original cover, made of steam-curved plywood.

The cover has two latches that secure it to the wooden base.

Close-up to one of the cover latches

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