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1950 Underwood Leader

Serial #H2063606

#2 in my Typewriter collection:

I found this Underwood Leader (1950) on a Montreal based Kijiji add.

The carriage didn't work, the machine didn't type, and it didn't have a ribbon. Bonus: the owner had tried to "help" by unprofessionally removing the carriage (essentially damaging some parts).

Despite all of this, I picked it up for cheap(ish) and used it as a my first from-zero-up machine.

I managed to fix the carriage to decent working order, managed to make it type, though the left shift and shift lock don't set the capital characters on the right height (as seen in my typeface specimen).

All in all, it's a decent machine, but does not have the efficiency and durability that my larger desk Rhythm Touch has.

Owned By: Philippe To

Username: Philers
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 40
Galleries: 2
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I am a recent typewriter collector. Have been searching for an Underwood to call mine for years now, and have finally found a beautiful Underwood #11 in a Vermont antique's store. I'm excited to start this journey and am already itching for new machines. Anyone have a Cursive Remington Sperry Rand or an Erika 5 to give away? ;)

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