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1967 Olivetti Lettera 32

Serial #2898656

Nice and clean (now).

I found this L32 at a local vintage store for $6.00. When I got it home, it worked fine except for some alignment issues. The uppercase letters typed higher than the lowercase. So, with the help of the Internet I did the adjustment, and when I was finished the typewriter didn't work at all. Back to the 'net, which told me I should have tried just cleaning it first. The inside was absolutely filthy. I found tons of rubber eraser crumbs gumming up everything, as well as several feathers (!) and cat hair. After a thorough cleaning the typewriter typed like a dream. Of course the alignment wasn't fixed :)

Now that I finally figured out the alignment, I feel that I brought this machine back from the dead (after killing it). It's my first major project and very special to me.

Sighted By: Dave Philips

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I am a musician living in Los Angeles. I got into typewriters because I love the way typing feels. Here in L.A. it is hard to find typewriters that are reasonably priced, but I occasionally manage to stumble across them.

1967 Olivetti Lettera 32 Type Sample


1967 Olivetti Lettera 32 Photo Gallery

Forgot to mention - made in Italy.

The lone blemish.

My lighting isn't great here.

Nice and clean (now).

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