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1965 Olivetti Lettera 32

Serial #2513126

The spark that rekindled my interest in typewriters back in 2010 was fueled in no small part by my admiration for the work of Cormac McCarthy. Photographs published at that time of the worn Olivetti Lettera 32 that he'd used to type 5 million words over the previous 50 years sent me on a hunt that ended a mere 24 hours after I joined this site. It must be fate! I'd been watching these 32's come and go on eBay for the better part of two years, usually beat to hell and/or outrageously priced. I was willing to pay but had no intention of rolling over. Finally on this night the stars aligned for me and I was able to pull the trigger on "The One." And while some may disagree, I feel like I stole this thing at $58. It looks untouched and types like a dream, nothing at all like the clunky, uncertain action on my 1959 Skyriter. No excuses when you sit down in front of this baby, it beckons you to go to work.

Owned By: Mark Minard

Username: mark
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I'm a registered nurse working with the elderly in a long-term care facility, and am of course working on the Great American Novel in the off hours. I recently rediscovered the typewriter after a 20+ year hiatus, and in this world of smartphones and laptops it feels good to be back home again. I write differently on the typewriter than I do on a computer, which is a good thing. I've only acquired 5 so far and am actively fighting the urge to buy "just one more." I live in the beautiful Central / Leatherstocking region of New York State with my wife and our 5 cats.

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