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1939 Royal KMM

Serial #KMM2453271

1939 Royal KMM

Found this baby on eBay ... and was happy to find the seller lived not too far from me. So we didn't have to deal with shipping costs or nightmares. We simply met in the parking lot of a local Sam's Club and made the exchange.

Bought a brand new ribbon and it's been a joy ever since! Always wanted a big desktop Royal that looks anything like David McCullough's ... so this is a treat (though a little tougher on the digits than the portables).

Owned By: Linda Au

Username: Austruck
Status: Typewriter Hunter
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Writer. Proofreader. Scapegoat.

I'm happy to own 11 typewriters currently. Two are models from my childhood: a Royal Signet portable (my first typewriter when I was about 10), and an Underwood TM-5 (used in 9th grade typing class circa 1975).

I use my IBM Selectric II to win NaNoWriMo every year now and LOVE it. The older models (including a 1954 Skyriter, a 1920s Underwood, and a Royal KMM) are currently being used to type letters to new penpals who are all interested in reviving snail-mail letter writing.

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