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1948 Royal KMM

Serial #KMM12-3804615

12" platen

Rusted solid. This was bought along with a Remington Standard 10 for $10 for the pair. It was a barn storage story, but that barn must have had a leaky roof because both of these are rusted solid. I might possibly get something to move on this machine someday, but I really only paid the guy because I already have a 1946 KMM and this one might yield some parts someday. 12 inch carriage. no type sample until I get something to start moving on this thing. And if not, it won't be the worst $10 I've ever wasted.
Well, I gave it the old college try, but it was just too far gone to be resucitated. Spring drum is hopelessly frozen and the key return springs on the bottom are crumbling. So now it sits in a box in my garage, resting in pieces. But parts are available - providing I can get them off this machine!

Owned By: Jer Wal

Username: treefaller
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The pounding typebar, having writ, moves on... unless there's a ding.

1948 Royal KMM Photo Gallery

Bought for $10 along with a rusted Remington. Who knows if either one will ever move again? Yeah, that's leaf debris you see nestled in the platen and keyboard.

Here lies the mortal remains of a once-proud tool of modern man. We bow our head in respect.

12" platen

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