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1958 Optima Elite 3

Serial #1034598

I love the colour of this typewriter so much - it photographs wonderfully in natural light and is always my first recommendation when I'm lending out typewriters for photoshoots. On top of that it's not at all bad to use. The big bulky curves of the machine belie the tiny font size.

P.S. Do alignment problems sometimes appear spontaneously? This has just been in storage since I last used it, and it hasn't even been touched let alone dropped or banged, and it most certainly wasn't this out of alignment last time I used it!

Owned By: Nick Winter

Username: winter
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 740
Galleries: 44
Collection: 42
Sightings: 2

Possibly the most amateur typewriter collector ever? Uni student located in Sydney, AUS. The amount of storage I have is a constant problem as I try to keep feeding my addiction...

1958 Optima Elite 3 Type Sample


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