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1948 Smith Corona Clipper

Serial #4C 217099

I bought this on e*Bay. I made an offer I thought would lowball the seller, but he accepted even though I had questions about its state. As you can see from the photos the carriage return handle scrapes across the left side of the ribbon cover and has scraped off the paint and finish. Who knows how this happened? Was this endemic to Smith-Corona Clippers?

On top of that, the "q" typebar does not return to its slot but sticks over the 'a" typebar, meaning that when "a" is next struck, you actually get a "q." This is what happened with the typing sample.

Also, some of the typebars get stuck in the type guide. This is another one I'll be returning. Even though I probably could fix the typebars if I really wanted to, the issues with the carriage return handle make this piece too difficult to use for any length of time. I don't care about the looks so much, but with everything, I just don't see keeping it.

Sighted By: David Small

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I've been interested in typewriters for some time, but I only recently obtained my first one, an electric, and in short order obtained several more manuals, and only one of the manuals worked when I obtained it.
I travel and am kind of a nomad so I like looking for typewriters, and would like to learn more about fixing and maintaining them.

1948 Smith Corona Clipper Type Sample


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