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1971 Smith Corona Classic 12

Serial #6LTV 341420

The everpresent and always reliable Classic 12. Elite typeface. 2 Change-a-Type keys. Fully loaded, low mileage! Sold!

Jeez. guessed right on this one too. I don't even remember *why* I picked these dates when I entered these machines. eeiree.. :D

Sighted By: Ted Munk

Username: munk
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I am a scoundrel without a cause, and my swank outshines the sun.

I am a casual Typewriter Hunter residing in the sweltering deserts of Arizona with a wife, three cats and about 40 typewriters. My main hunting ground is thrift stores, and I rarely pay more than $10 for a machine.

1971 Smith Corona Classic 12 Type Sample


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