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1917* Oliver 9

Serial #A988820

The 'A' at the beginning of the serial number denotes an alternate keyboard, which is standard for serial numbers above 800000. This was my first 9, and has some of the best paint of any ollie in my stable of eleven. Works reasonably; has a bit of an alignment problem, which is also pretty standard for Olivers. No longer in my collection; was just rehomed to a prop house along with my L.C. Smith No. 2.

Sighted By: Annalese Stradivarius

Username: madamemohawk
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 145
Galleries: 20
Collection: 16
Sightings: 4

Typewriter maven, steampunk geek and a fat chick on a scooter. Have lots of very specific yet generally trivial information stored in me noggin. I tend to have a one-track mind and am OCD into near-neuroticisim over things I know, love and enjoy. An all-round jovial nerd.

1917* Oliver 9 Type Sample


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