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1914 Oliver 5

Serial #427837

A very rough Oliver No. 5 I picked up a while ago. I'm slowly trying to rehab it but it's not really typing yet. I really love these wild and wonderful iron butterflies.

When I got it several of the typebars weren't aligned properly, the ribbon advance mechanism was non-functional, the tab didn't work and the drawband, ribbon, pencil holder screw, left paper finger, and ribbon covers were missing. Oh, and the platen is hard as a rock. Now, I've replaced the drawband and it's hook and the pencil screw, the type slugs seem to hit evenly, the ribbon advance is working and the tab sometimes sort-of works. I still need to replace the ribbon, ribbon covers and paper finger and get the tab really sorted. Then maybe I'll get the platen recovered! It's definitely a work in progress.

Owned By: Michael Hurley

Username: mephits
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I'm a newbie and amateur typewriter "collector" in Memphis, TN. I have a small collection I hope to expand in time.

1914 Oliver 5 Photo Gallery

Drawband made from grosgrain ribbon and hook made from bent paperclip. Now that's fine craftsmanship!

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