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1927 Underwood 5

Serial #2230740-5

Purchased via eBay and slightly damaged in transit. The paper table was slightly bent on the left end and one rear foot was broken. I was able to fix both, thankfully, and now the machine works extremely well. A fast, neat typer with great style. I can definitely see how these became the machines of champions.

One oddity of this machine is the feet. The fronts are the usual cast rubber "wine-cork" feet you expect on an Underwood of this period but the back feet are much more complex. A wide rubber foot nestles inside a metal cup with a felt washer between the two. The rubber extends through the center of the washer to the cup, though, so I'm not sure what the felt was expected to accomplish. the assembly is held in place with a shoulder bolt into the standard foot mounting hole.

At some point parts of the frame were re-painted, covering over the pinstriping and model decals on the frame around the keyboard. Thankfully the rest of the decals are in very nice shape.

According to the Underwood Age List published by Tony at, this machine was produced in January of 1927.

10 CPI.

Owned By: Michael Hurley

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I'm a newbie and amateur typewriter "collector" in Memphis, TN. I have a small collection I hope to expand in time.

1927 Underwood 5 Type Sample


1927 Underwood 5 Photo Gallery

Mis-matched feet. Front on left, rear on right.

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