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1966 Hermes 3000

Serial #3345436

This is the second Hermes in the collection. It is from the last year that Hermes made the round body and switched to the square body.

When I first got this there was some discussion on the Typosphere as to when the body style changed. This SN fell into 1966, same as one of my square body machines.

Ted has added some new information to his blog where I found this one was one of the last made in 1966 as the last SN was 3351339 in May 1966 when production on this style ended after a run of 3351339 units.

Owned By: Bill MacLane

Username: BillM
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Among many interests I like typewriters.
I presently have over 60 in my collection. I am slowly getting them photographed and uploaded to this site.

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