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1962 Triumph Special

Serial #2279296

What appears to be a paper injector is actually just the paper release.

I love this one. It's an odd duck, being bigger than a portable but smaller than a standard. I think it has the advantages of both. Types super snappy and quick. I just got it and it's already shot to close to the top of the list. Also came with the original cover. I really like the double underline key!

Also, if anyone is wondering, to set a margin you pull the knob at the top right of the carriage (marked T-M) toward you. This works for both margins. To set a tab you push the same knob back. To clear a margin you use the MC key to the left of the keyboard.

There aren't any serial numbers listed for a Triumph Special, so I used the Adler ones to get the date.

Owned By: Dave Philips

Username: daveyp
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 219
Galleries: 11
Collection: 3
Sightings: 8

I am a musician living in Los Angeles. I got into typewriters because I love the way typing feels. Here in L.A. it is hard to find typewriters that are reasonably priced, but I occasionally manage to stumble across them.

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What appears to be a paper injector is actually just the paper release.

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