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1938 Remington 11

Serial #T42180

1938 Remington 11

Not to be confused with the Remington Standard No.11, the 11, aka Short-Stroke, was an alternative "noisy" version of the Noiseless 10. It uses the same thrust mechanism as the Noiseless 6 and 10, but lacks the weighted actuators that take over momentum and throw the slugs into the platen at uniform velocity.

The 11 can be distinguished from the 10 by its down-turned return lever and curvier typebar cover.

Owned By: Alan Seaver

Username: Olivander
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 228
Galleries: 42
Collection: 41
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Located 20 minutes into the past in the penthouse suites of Oliver Towers, overlooking the heart of downtown.

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