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1977 Olivetti Lettera 32 #9614527


Olivetti takes top billing, in this, the second iteration of badging used post Underwood buyout. This L32 with a French-Canadian keyboard is a stellar ultra-portable and I prefer it to the L22. Unfortunately, just as with the L22, I can't come to terms with the design of its keys. I'm at a loss to explain why - I think a scientific approach would be required - but I mis-hit keys more often on these Lettera models than on any of the other portables that I own.

Typeface Specimen:


Hunter: Uwe Wachtendorf (Uwe)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 13159

Typewriter collector based in Toronto who prefers mid-century models.

RESEARCH NOTE: When researching the Olivetti Lettera 32 on a computer with lots of screen real estate, you may find that launching the Olivetti Serial Number page and the Olivetti Lettera 32 By Model/Year/Serial page in new browser windows can give you interesting perspectives on changes throughout the model series.