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AMES Basic Training Manual for Standard Typewriters
By: Murray Harris
January, 1968

General Information and Shop Tools

History of the Typewriter

Customer Relations

Equipment used in Servicing Typewriters

Shop Furnishings

Tool Kits for the Typewriter Serviceman

Basic Typewriter Mechanic Starter Tool Set

Setting Up a Shop

Shop Layout and Equipment

Clean, Oil, Adjust

Refinishing or Repainting a Typewriter

Refinishing Scales and Labels

Applying Decalcomania Transfers (Varnish)

Ribbon Spools Reference

Typewriter Ribbons

Platens and Feed Rolls

The Pitch of a Typewriter


Type Aligning

Type Soldering

On Feet and Motion

The Ring and Cylinder

Type Bars and Links



Inspection Check Sheet


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