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AMES OAMI Mechanical Training Manual for Standard and Portable Typewriters
By: Clarence Leroy Jones
In 3 Volumes plus Addendum - Published 1945

Volume Three: Noiseless Typewriters
By: Byron L. Wolfe, Illustrations by: R. J. Tiller & Jack Lewis

Dismantling and Rebuilding Sequence

Clean and Adjust Sequence Check Sheet

Center Tie


Retainer and Roller Bracket (How to Remove the Carriage)

Platen and Variable

Line Space Mechanism

Feed Rolls, Paper Trough and Paper Fingers

Shift Mechanism

.060" Adjustment

"On Feet" Adjustment

Impression Adjustment

Motion Adjustment

The Escapement

Universal Bar Trip Adjustment

Back Space Mechanism

Space Bar Mechanism

Margin Release

Left Hand Margin Adjustment

Tabulator Adjustment

Bell Ringer Adjustment

Line Lock Adjustment

Ribbon Feed

Ribbon Cover

Aligning Scale (Line Finder)

Keylevers and Type Actions

Type Bars

Type Guide



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