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1920 Underwood 5 #1323364


The King Daddy of them all (well, not really). Truly the Archetype of The Typewriter.

The Underwood and especially the Underwood No. 5 just scream typewriter. More than any other single machine, this is why typewriters look the way they do.

Basically, in typewriter evolution, there's BU and AU. At least, that's my opinion. Some, like Remington, tried to hold to their Old Ways (read: upstrike), but the people made their choice, and this design won out.

I love the open design of the frame. I think it makes it easier to clean and actually, in non-dust-intensive applications, makes it gather less dust.

This is the second one I have. It is also not in as good as condition as my other one. But it was $70, so how can I pass that up? As someone else said, anytime I see one of these in this condition for less than $100, I think I need to get it.

I remember when the prevailing logic was that you should pay no more than $25 for one unless it was in absolutely pristine condition, and then probably less than $100.

Times change.

Typeface Specimen:


The one overt flaw.

I DESPISE the eBay auctions that talk about "Typewriter! Steampunk!," but you gotta admit, from this vantage point, it kinda fits....

I think the scale really makes it for me. The font, the colors, the indicator.... Unf.

Hunter: rock harris (numberseven)

Status: Typewriter Hunter
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I am a typewriter collector. I'm moving into a new phase; one where I am filling gaps and paying what's necessary to get what I want....

I know I take crappy photos. I just have an older iPhone and am impatient. When I get a real camera (or borrow one), I'll upload better ones.

The ironic thing is that I am a pretty good amateur photographer. My excuse is that I work in film almost exclusively....

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