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From the Virtual Typewriter Collection of Jael Perales:
1910 Royal 1

Typeface Specimen:

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1910 Royal 1
Serial #

Status: My Collection
Created: 06-19-2016 at 01:04PM
Last Edit: 06-19-2016 at 01:05PM

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Chanced upon this typewriter in an antique shop for $49. The salesperson said the price wouldn't be lowered because key choppers pay big bucks for glass keys. That settled it.

This Model 1 is still in good shape mechanically. The carriage return lever and bell mechanism were missing, along with lots of dust, wear, broken/missing feet, etc. The images reflect much time and effort spent to restore it, and there is still more to come. I think it will be a fine typer once again when all is said and done.

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Jael Perales
Username: typeOdad

Greetings from Fayetteville, AR! My happy, little collection has quickly grown to 4, from the 1958 Empire Aristocrat that was once used by my wife's father, uncles and aunts to learn to type with, to the 1950 Smith-Corona Sterling that was being sold as broken (until, of course, I was able to fix it), to the 1972 Remington Ten Forty that a local happily gave to me to breathe new life into. And now, I'm staring down my biggest challenge yet in a 1910 Royal Standard model 1! As someone who spends way too much time in front of the computer screen, it's nice to be able to step away and spend some free time giving these machines some much deserved TLC (typewriter love & care).

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