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Reporters Special: Typewriter Serial Number Age List

Brand: Harris Also known as • Autocrat • Harry A. Smith (Harris Visible) • National Portable • Reporters Special • Rex (Harris) • Rex Visible

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NOTE: dates shown are JAN 1 unless noted, so the serial number shown is the *first* serial number produced the given year. Exceptions are serial numbers preceded by "up to"(where you can assume that the numbers reported in that subsection are DECEMBER 31, END OF YEAR NUMBERS) or rows where a month is given in the month column. If the serial number is shown as a range (xxxx-xxxx) it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year.

        Harris Typewriter Co., Fond du Lac  
        Since 1914: Rex Typwriter Co., Fond du Lac  
        Since 1921: Demountable Typewriter  
Models and s/n Y M D Remarks Ref.
Standard Manual          
Harris visible          
  1911     3 key-row machine, 28 keys 4
Rex, Rex Visible, Rex Demountable Models          
  starting 1914     some Models sold by Sears 4
Rex Visible 1916-1922     A 3-row, front stroke visible made from 1916 to 1922. Sold until 1922 by American Can Company, Chicago, Illinois. Two-color ribbon, manual reverse, single key tabulator, backspacer, 11" carriage, removable platen. Model 4 was Standard machine, Model 4A had 2 extra keys, Model 10 had improved carriage, same became standard on Demountable. This machine with slight changes also known as Harris. 59
up to Model 10          
  1921     32 keys, some Machines already sold as "Demountable" 4
Demountable Model 1          
  1921     Started in 1921, 4 key-row 13

Demountable is made in sections, all interchangeable and replaceable. A latch at the rear of the machine allows the operator to remove the carriage, ribbon mechanism and outside frame as one assembly from the printing mechanism for cleaning or replacement. Wide and narrow carriages are interchangeable. Typebar assembly interchangable for foreign languages or special key sets.

Four rows, 42 keys writing 84 characters. Right and left hand shift keys. Shift lock, backspacer, margin release, tabulator key. Carriage mounted on caterpillar ball bearings (2 sets of 11 bearings mounted in frame so as to always present 4 balls in each set to the carriage rail). Rotary escapement, tabulator stops set from front of machine; right and left-hand line space lever with single/double/triple spacing, variable spacing and ratchet throw-off; right and left-hand margin locks. Paper table tilts forward to allow adjustment of margin and tabulator stops. 2-color 1/2-inch ribbon. Pica or Elite typeface.

Prices (1924):
Section 1: Type action unit, complete - $40.
Section 2A: base unit - $10.
Section 2B: deck unit with ribbon mechanism - $35.
Section 2: 11-inch carriage with way-rod assembly - $20.
Total price of assembled machine: $105.
Section 3: 14-inch carriage with way-rod - $30.
if a 14-inch carriage machine is originally ordered, and 11-inch carriage later desired, extra way-rod assembly is not required.
11-inch carriage without way-rod assembly - $18.50

Demountable Model 2          
up to 140000 1929     Started in 1925, since 1926 different carriage sizes 7,13
150000 1931       13
155000 1932       13
156000 1934       13
National No. 2          
  1917     The"National" was developed and built in the Harris factory, 3 key-rows, 28 keys, National No. 1 was never sold 4
        Model 2 was exported from Switzerland with the brandname "Express, later on sold in the U.S. as Portex and Crown, Nickel-models were available as well  
National No. 3          
  1919       4
National No. 5          
  1920     First 3 key-row portable with a shift key at each side, steel frame 4
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