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Serial Number Table Last Edited: 02/23/14 11:10
NOTE: dates shown are JAN 1 unless noted, so the serial number shown is the *first* serial number produced the given year. Exceptions are serial numbers preceded by "up to"(where you can assume that the numbers reported in that subsection are DECEMBER 31, END OF YEAR NUMBERS) or rows where a month is given in the month column. If the serial number is shown as a range (xxxx-xxxx) it indicates that we know the entire range of serial numbers for the given year.

Platen Diameter       unknown 24
Models and s/n Y M D Remarks Ref.
        Metallwerk Max Brose&Co., Coburg, Germany  
        production started 1953 13
up to 13500 1953       13
13501-21181 1954     Data past here is provided by collector Vilhelm Dromberg here. Source attribution TBD. ??
21182-27087 1955       ??
27088-34962 1956       ??
34963-41751 1957       ??
41752-46089 1958       ??
46090-46160 1959     approx. 35,000 machines produced. ??
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