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1962 Hermes Rocket

Serial #5926731

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You are looking at a "VINTAGE HERMES ROCKET PORTABLE TYPEWRITER". This is a portable typewriter in a mint/seafoam green, made in Switzerland. The typewriter works great but could use new ink - it types very light. There is a screw missing from the side and two from the back. It comes with the cover and original instructions. The space bar is worn and the "B" key sits a bit lower than the other keys. There are a few spots where the paint has worn off and the cover has some scratches.

Vintage Hermes Rocket portable typewriter
Made in Switzerland; mint/seafoam green
Works; could use more ink
Good condition; some scratches, wear and missing screws

Sighted By: Arlo Barnes

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When my mom was secretary of the PTA of my (second) elementary school, someone gave her a Hermes Rocket to type the minutes so they would not have to read her handwriting. And her brother Michael, before he became my uncle, had a Smith Corona word processor he gifted me. Both of these I had years before my first computer, a gift from a teacher who was amused by the Egyptian-seriffed sheaves I would hand him but who needed editable electronic documents NOT on the SC's tiny floppies. I recall writing short stories on that word processor starring my friends and "binding" them with tapes and covers of cardboard with coloured tissue paper glued on. Good times.

1962 Hermes Rocket Type Sample


1962 Hermes Rocket Photo Gallery

Writer, cover, and manual

Carriage and head

Dinged space bar

Carriage, head, and top row

Writer front

Writer side

Missing screw

'Made in Switzerland' stamp


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