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1953 Hermes Rocket

Serial #5324962

Hermes was first brought into my awareness in 1970, my senior year in high school, then promptly receded into the depths of my mind only to resurface this year to introduce me to the way of the typosphere!

This was another of my eBay purchases, $33 with only one counter bid. It arrived with lots of eraser gunk and the "I" and "M" typeheads bent. After consulting Bill Wahl of Mesa Typewriter Exchange, and learning that one does not bend, but rather forms the typeheads, I was successful in getting these keys to strike properly. And, after liberal amounts of Bill's recommended LPS1 and compressed air, I got most of the gunk cleaned out and all of the keys working smoothly. This particular machine feels very lively to me and is a pleasure to type on, though not as nice as my S-C Clipper nor my SM-3.

Owned By: Ric Wyckoff

Username: TaoTypist
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 123
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In the beginning was the Tao, and the Tao created one, and the one created two, and two created three, and three created the ten thousand things...and thus it is with typewriter collecting! Hiker, photographer, acupuncturist and more in the Arizona desert.

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