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1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #A-1532769

Serial Number

First year of Henry Dreyfuss design.
Has ELITE type and not PICA as previous models in my collection, and has been redesigned, in general.
This unit is very clean and serviceable, for one that has not seen a technician in decades.

Owned By: Harold Dodd

Username: SLACKPLAN9
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 146
Galleries: 8
Collection: 8
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In the Phoenix area. Curently in IT, but want to write/direct/and produce film.

1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe Type Sample


1948 Royal Quiet De Luxe Photo Gallery

Royal Quiet De Luxe 1941 next to the 1948.

Another pic of the 1941 and 1948 models.

Quiet De Luxe plate on paper rest

Better view of First Year gravestone keytop design. Still has the metal and plastic, w/inserts composition (BTW, at least from 1938 until the first year solid key design, Royal used a variety of PLASTIC and NOT glass, which is assumed.)

Pic of Royal Quiet De Luxe 1948 in case

Serial Number

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