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1957 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #AG-3685401

I found this machine from a local eBay seller, who agreed to let me pick it up to save on the cost and stresses of shipping. Sure, $75 isn't the best price for a post war Royal but given the crazy prices colors like this go for, I would say that it was a bargin.

The type action, oddly, is a lot heavier than my slightly older QDL. I was very disappointed, but by no means is this a bad machine.

Has a pretty typeface that many 57's seem to have


Yeah... looks like I spent $75 on a typewriter that doesn't even have the shift lock key...


I have gradually stopped liking this typewriter. It joins letters far too often and is just a pain to use. Also, I have discovered that it was not a bargain at all and I paid probably $30+ too much.

Traded for a Royal Futura 800 (with the same typeface!!)

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1957 Royal Quiet De Luxe Type Sample


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