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1946 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #A-1168326

This machine was on my wish list. I found it yesterday at an antique mall/store. When I saw the pricetag of $19.95, I had to make sure that "1" wasn't a "7". This thing is so clean I wanted to share these photos of it before I even clean it up. This is what you see here, as it came yesterday. I haven't even needed to wipe it down. The ribbon even works. This is a WELL-LOVED QDL. I l ove the Quiet De Luxe machines in general, but this '46 is special. The look and the feel and the quality and the glass topped keys, all that makes for one of my favorite machines in existence. This has a smaller, elite typeface. Case is excellent. It still has the MIT decal on it too. Apparently, this is the first year back in production after the last two years of WWII where Royal's US production of typewriters had ceased. For some reason, this machine has exceptional performance, virtually none of that character overlap issue that is often found with portable royals when you type too fast or sloppy. I can see that the cap's or lower-case shift stop needs a tiny bit of adjustment.

Owned By: Brad Sarno

Username: bradsarno
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I've spent my life as a mechanical and electronics tinkerer, bikes, cars, lawnmowers, appliances, cameras, audio gear, guitars, amplifiers, and pedal steel guitars. I was trained as a typist for 2 years back in the late 70's on IBM Selectric II's. At home I recall my mother having an Olympia SM3. More recently we got our daughter a typewriter for Christmas, and that somehow sparked my own personal interest in these fine and interesting machines. Now it's a habit that just won't quit. Daily searches on Craigslist, frequent trips to antique stores & malls, garage sales, etc. It's a fun and healthy addiction.

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