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1953 Royal Quiet De Luxe

Serial #RA-2691861

My most recent find. $20. It was in good working order, but needed some cleanup. The green keys had a whitish film on them, so that took a few times over with some gentle car scratch removers and glazes. The platen was a little try, so it got some Rubber Renue as did the rollers. The grip is nice now. The basket area and the types themselves needed some cleaning with alcohol and other solvents, a needle to poke out the dry ink in the little letter spaces like in the lower case "e" and other letters with traps like that. Some basic cleaning of the metal, air-dusting, some lube here and there. Now it's quite the gem. I think this has become my favorite typer in my small collection. It's got the easiest, friendliest key action of anything I've tried. The carriage is light, the tone/sound of this is the warmest, mellowest machine yet, softer and quieter than my S-C Silent. I'm really blown away by how nice this machine is to use. The only issue I find with it is that, by design, the spacebar actually moves to the next character when you release the bar. And it allows you type a letter while the space bar is held down and before it advances. So if I go too fast and type a letter before releasing the spacebar, it can misplace or overlap some letters. But that's just technique, and most machines have this issue to some degree it seems. I love this Quiet De Luxe. The serial number leads me to believe it's a late 1953, but it might be an early '54.

Owned By: Brad Sarno

Username: bradsarno
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I've spent my life as a mechanical and electronics tinkerer, bikes, cars, lawnmowers, appliances, cameras, audio gear, guitars, amplifiers, and pedal steel guitars. I was trained as a typist for 2 years back in the late 70's on IBM Selectric II's. At home I recall my mother having an Olympia SM3. More recently we got our daughter a typewriter for Christmas, and that somehow sparked my own personal interest in these fine and interesting machines. Now it's a habit that just won't quit. Daily searches on Craigslist, frequent trips to antique stores & malls, garage sales, etc. It's a fun and healthy addiction.

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