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1962 Triumph Perfekt

Serial #3062556

Fantastic machine. Easily my #1 favorite, by far. Everything about this typewriter is well designed, right down to the comfortable rounded and textured keytops. The type action is firm and crisp, just right. The carriage is very smooth but not silent, but I do in fact prefer the light zipping sound to an eerily silent "whirrr". The cursive typeface got me completely off guard, you'd think they would mention something like that in the shopgoodwill listing!

There is no red option, this typer uses the middle of the ribbon. I made the mistake of using a black and red ribbon at first.

Owned By: Jack B

Username: JustAnotherGuy
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 1218
Galleries: 111
Collection: 44
Sightings: 67


1962 Triumph Perfekt Type Sample


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Textured keytops

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