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1959 Triumph Perfekt

Serial #1266269

from: I. Cutler, Life in a Scotch sitting room Vol. 1

Battered, but it types wonderfully! The typeface is Ro 7, the spacing is 2.3 mm.
The serial number is not in the database, but based on the small paper inside the machine (see gallery) I think it is 1958 or 1959

Owned By: Marlize L

Username: typeshalfspaces
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1959 Triumph Perfekt Type Sample


1959 Triumph Perfekt Photo Gallery

this says: new platen in 1976, with the name and address of the manufacturer

bought in Amsterdam, P.C. Hooftstraat, around 1959

Typeface: Ro 7. The litttle ring means that this is meant for a portable typewriter.See Sommeregger's Sammelsurium for the explanation at

from: I. Cutler, Life in a Scotch sitting room Vol. 1

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