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1928 Underwood Portable 4 Bank

Serial #4B 161596

This is a hybrid machine. A friend asked me to repair his grandfather's typewriter that had sentimental value to his family. It had been dropped -- the bell was sheared off, several slugs were missing, etc. It was beyond repair. I ended up swapping bodies with another 4 bank I owned. I did need to swap out the ribbon holders as the later body had the Underwood logo ribbon covers. I didn't mind giving up the donor as it was missing the ribbon covers.

Original serial number: 4B 161596 (1928)

Donor serial number: 484934 (1929)

The original typewriter had elite type. The donor had pica. The type sample is from the donor body.

Sighted By: Max Burtonen

Username: lsburton
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1928 Underwood Portable 4 Bank Type Sample


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Donor leftovers

Donor serial

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