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1955 Halda P

Serial #P. 53559

I bought this typewriter about a year ago, and had only seen one really bad photo of it, with a discription that didn't really tell me much. And the photo didn't show the carrying case, or the manual, so I had no idea what a find it would turn out to be. I actually gave the seller a call to ask him about it, and they said that it didn't seem to work. Which as it turned was quite the opposite, since the seller apparently hadn't found the carriage release button, so I got it for a real bargain, and it works like it was brand new.

The machine has a swedish keyboard and hardly seems to have been used. The case has some blemishes, but the typewriter is in near mint condition.

The carrying cases for Halda P was made in two different version: The standard carrying case for a cheaper price, and "the elegant light metal case" (as the manual explains) for buyers who wanted something more luxurous. And this is the only Halda P that I've come across during my years of collecting typewriters, with this type of light metal case, so they seem to be pretty rare. Anyone knows anything more about this? Please contact me if you do. Notice the light brown leather handle with "Halda" inprinted, and how you fasten the typewriter in the case. Personally I love this design choice.

Also, the manual is truly a wonder! Haven't seen anything like it, and I hope the pictures will do it justice. This particular manual was only made for the Halda Portables with this type of carrying case.

As far as I'm concerned it's is one of my most priced typewriter along with my Monpti and Hermes 3000, and it really is a marvel of engineering and design. Also, it feels fantastic to type on with a really nice touch, and it's the typewriter that I do most of my writing on.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask.

Owned By: Henrik Nohrstedt

Username: Nohrstedt
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Swedish wordslinger and scriptwriter.

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