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1955 Halda P

Serial #P 71236

Royal spool cut and peg added to make a ghetto Halda spool.

Finally found one of my dream machines, a Halda. Purchased near Hillsville, VA for about $45. It's in shoddy shape, one ribbon spool is a bastardized Royal standard spool, one margin is now supported by a toothpick wedged in there, and it feels fairly loose and worn out. A stub of a torn check from October 2003 found inside the machine suggests it may have seen heavy use even recently.
It's snappy and quick, and with a currency symbol for Bolivars we can see it was most likely first sold in Venezuela. It has keys for Spanish and perhaps a few other European words as well.

Owned By: Mark Petersen

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I am an aspiring novelist and avid typewriter enthusiast from the New River Valley in Virginia. I am a proud Virginia Tech graduate with an education in creative writing. I use typewriters for all my writing and am working on a novel. I also do street poetry. I often can be found writing on one of my machines in downtown Blacksburg and enjoying a drink.
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You can mail me at Mark Petersen / PO Box 6683 / Christiansburg, VA 24068-6683

1955 Halda P Type Sample


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Royal spool cut down to Halda size.

Royal spool cut and peg added to make a ghetto Halda spool.

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