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1964 Smith Corona Sterling

Serial #5AX251562

I'm a newbie to all of this, but she seems to be in marvelous condition. Her platen had been recovered when I purchased her, and she's never given me any problems. Elite typeface, 12 pitch, lovely green color with minor scuffs and no chips. She came with her original case, no key or manual unfortunately, but the case is in amazing condition. She's my first typewriter, and is therefore one of my treasures.

Owned By: Kaitlin Haughey

Username: Sterling
Status: Typewriter Hunter
Points: 29
Galleries: 2
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Dear Reader,
I hope you enjoy this little introduction, written just for you. I'm very new to the typoshpere and collecting world, but not so new to the love of typewriters. One of my first sensory memories is from when I was four years old or so. I was sitting next to my Dad watching All The President's Men. The beautiful symphony of the typewriter-filled newsroom struck a chord in me that day, and still does.
My first typewriter was a 1964 (I thought she was a '63 until I checked out this site) Smith Corona Sterling, hence the username. She'll always have a special place because she was my first, but I've recently ventured into the world of (minimal) collecting with the recent acquisition of a 1955 Royal HH. And boy, am I hooked. I hope to learn a lot here, meet great people, and further my pursuit of the ultimate resource: knowledge.
Thanks for stopping by!
(PS- Yes, I also love horse racing!)

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