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1930 Continental Standard

Serial #424809

I have no idea which make this Continental typewriter is. Hopefully someone here can help me out. I bought it from someone who's grandfather owned it. Presumably it's from the 20s or 30s, roughly based on some other Continental typewriters I see on this site.

It has a serial number engraved on the front and back, 424809. I can't find this serial number here on the site.
It has a factory/importer (?) notification saying:

It also states that it is strictly available for import in The Netherlands via Trade Company Adr. Koller & Van Os.

I really need someone to help me figure out the make of this type, which year etc. and any maintenance guides so I can keep using it.
Also some help on which ribbon is needed for it.

I've used it for poetry and it still works fine for most keys.

Please contact me if you have more details/knowledge on the typewriter.

Owned By: Jeroen de Wal

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I'm Jeroen from The Netherlands. Finally discovering typewriters and aiming to use them for writing purposes.

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